For the average Los Angeles homeowner, landscaping can be as dreadful as it is exciting. While it’s fun to create an amazing lawn, cultivate it, watch it grow, and spend time in it, any given lawn can also be challenging. Your plants might not grow the way you want them to, you might spend more than you bargained for in watering costs, and so on.

However, landscaping doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, one of the biggest reasons why many people struggle is because they buy into certain myths which are actually counterproductive to the healthy growth of their lawn, trees, and plants.

Luckily, our team at A Greener Tomorrow is here to help. We’ve been serving the greater LA area with landscaping services for decades, and we know a lot of the common misconceptions that many homeowners stumble into. Here are some myths that will only cause problems if you believe them!

MYTH: You’re Doing Yourself a Favor By Cutting Your Grass Really Short

In theory, the logic here is sound. If you cut your grass as short as possible, it means you can wait longer until the next mowing job, right? While this is true, the reality is that you’re introducing new problems to your lawn by cutting it so short. Sure, it may result in less mowing jobs, but there are still consequences.

Specifically, you have to take into account the way that plants grow. Plants absorb sunlight to photosynthesize and grow, and it’s those green parts of the plant which are responsible for that. When you cut your grass extremely low, it leaves precious little of the grass stalk to actually take in sunlight, and growth might stop entirely. You might start seeing brown patches on your lawn, and the natural response to that is adding more water.

Ultimately, if you cut your grass too short, you may end up killing it and then wasting a bunch of water as a means of damage control. Mowing isn’t the worst thing in the world, so give your grass some room to breathe when you do!

MYTH: It’s Best to Water in the Evening

One common paranoia about watering your lawn is that, if you do it at the wrong time, the sun will go and absorb all the moisture before it really has a chance to settle in. Therefore, a common response is to bypass the sun entirely and water in the evening, while it’s setting.

This can be less than ideal. While the sun does evaporate water, sometimes that’s a good thing. Without the sun to clean up all the moisture, your lawn may remain needlessly wet all night. Excess moisture can lead to all sorts of nuisances we don’t want to deal with, such as fungus growth and insects.

It’s important to discover where the line is between having too much sun and not enough sun at all. Many experts recommend a morning water schedule — you can water your plants before the sun has risen to its hottest levels, but the moisture will remain until it gets hot. This is a good way to balance moisture and sunlight.

MYTH: Drought Resistant Plants Don’t Need to be Watered

There’s a reason why they’re called drought-resistant plants, not drought-proof plants. Even though these plants can get by for a long time without water, they’re going to need it eventually. In their natural habitats, water is exceedingly rare, but it still comes from time to time. You can’t just assume your plants will live indefinitely without any kind of moisture, resilient as they are.

The bottom line is that every single organism on earth needs moisture to survive. That’s an evolutionary barrier that we haven’t quite overcome, and we probably never will. This extends to humans, animals, and even the hardiest of desert plants.

Creating drought-resistant lawns is one of the main services we offer at A Greener Tomorrow, so you can bet we know all about these kinds of plants. If it seems like the soil of your drought-resistant plants is getting extremely dry, it’s probably time to add some water.

MYTH: There Can Never Be Too Much Water

Much like it’s important to find the right time of day to water, it’s also important to know how much you should be watering in the first place. Everyone knows that plants need water to survive, so a common error is to just shower them in water all the time. Better to err on the side of caution, right?

Well, not necessarily. First off, excess water can cause a dependency in your plants, leading to the growth of shallow, weak root systems. When the plants are used to receiving tons of water, their growth trajectory adapts accordingly. When water is less common, they dig deeper and stronger, which is ultimately better for longevity.

Because every lawn is different, we hesitate to produce a blanket statement about how often you should be watering. For some homeowners, one solid watering session a week is ideal, while others might want to do it every other day, or even every single day depending on the time and dosage.

Unsure of how you should be watering? Don’t worry, that’s why companies like A Greener Tomorrow exist. If you have landscaping questions, we’d be happy to help you determine what’s best for your lawn.

Lawn Care Services in Los Angeles

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