Who doesn’t love the look of a beautiful green lawn? It’s an iconic part of homeownership in the U.S. But many homeowners don’t realize that there are some grasses that are better suited for their home in Los Angeles than others. One of those is Marathon grass. Let’s take a look at what makes this grass unique!

Grass Tailored to California

Not all grass is the same, and in fact, most residential grasses are made specifically for certain climates. Marathon grass is a hybrid of Hubbard 87 and Baja grasses, cultivated specifically for the climate of Southern California. Marathon grass grows densely and has a fine texture. The color is very bright and it is a highly disease-resistant strain of grass. This makes it a popular choice for LA homeowners. Marathon comes in three different forms.

Original Marathon Grass

Original Marathon grass is favored for its general use and year-round verdant color. Original Marathon is great for homes with families and pets who enjoy spending time outside. This grass is strong and recovers quickly from day-to-day use. It thrives in low-light yards. It does have a fairly coarse texture when compared to other types of Marathon. For a pleasant, carpeted look to your yard, original Marathon grass can be kept at a fairly tall height but may require more frequent mowing.

Marathon II Grass

Undoubtedly the most popular grass in Southern California, Marathon II is highly coveted for its lasting beauty and ease of care. This is the perfect type of grass for homeowners who host the occasional get-together in their yard. It recovers from injury quickly, and has a softer texture, making it pleasant underfoot. It has a medium-green color to it that it retains throughout the year. However, it does require more sunlight than original Marathon, making it a great choice for larger yards with more decorative landscaping features.

Marathon III Grass

For a visually striking lawn like no other on the block, there’s no better choice than Marathon III grass. This grass can be mowed very short and doesn’t need to be mowed all that often to keep it healthy. Of the three types of Marathon grasses, III has the deepest green color and is the finest in texture and appearance. However, this grass is very delicate and doesn’t tolerate much beyond light activity. This makes Marathon III a great choice for accent pieces in the yard or for lawns that are only used during special occasions. This designer grass type needs plenty of sunlight to thrive and doesn’t tolerate shade well.

Lawn Care and Sod Installation In Los Angeles

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