When you think about the perfect lawn, what first appears in your head? It’s likely something akin to a verdant green carpet that wraps its way around your home. Yes, a beautiful green lawn is a point of pride for homeowners all over America, not just Los Angeles. But with the warmer weather of the Southern California area, it can be tricky to maintain that lush green grass. Fortunately, A Greener Tomorrow offers sod installation in Los Angeles as part of our lawn care services. For those in the LA area, here are some of the leading benefits of a sod lawn.

Sod Requires Less Water

Laying down new grass can be a resource-intensive process if you aren’t careful with what materials you’re using. It’s not uncommon for newly seeded grassy areas to need to be watered three to four times a day in order for the grass seed to take root. With sod, that’s not the case. Sod only needs to be watered twice daily in order for it to set. There’s less need for irrigation in the long-term, meaning you won’t have to waste water, always a plus here in dry California.

Sod Takes Faster Than Seed

Seeding your own yard can be an exercise in patience. It can take days, weeks, or even months for a newly seeded lawn to actually start growing, and even then, it may never take at all. Additionally, you have to be careful around this new grass, as activities like playing, or even walking, on the lawn can damage the new roots. Sod is quick to install because the grass is already grown. That means that your sod lawn will establish itself in as little as two to four weeks. You can start enjoying your beautiful new lawn faster when you choose sod over seed!

Sod Lawns are More Affordable

Everyone is looking for ways to save money on their lawn care. Fortunately, sod lawns are affordable without sacrificing the quality of the final appearance. Growing a lawn from grass seeds requires an investment in aerating the yard, buying weed controllers, putting down fertilizers, and adding yet more seed when some areas don’t come in. Not only does it cost you more money, but it also costs you time, too, as all of these things take a while to actually start working. A sod lawn, however, comes ready to take root in your yard.

A Sod Lawn Looks Better

Sod lawns are grown by professionals before they even reach your home. Unlike seeds, which can come in patchy and uneven, sod lawns are dense and lush, so you won’t have to look at any unsightly brown spots or bald patches. For an uninterrupted green carpet in your yard, there’s nothing better than having sod installed.

Your Source for Sod in Los Angeles

A Greener Tomorrow is excited to help your lawn come to life by offering our premier sod lawn services. We use special techniques and practices to ensure that your new sod lawn takes root quickly. You’ll love the lush and healthy look of your sod lawn in Los Angeles. Contact us today to get started with a free estimate!