The best landscaping strikes a delicate balance between a tailored and natural appearance. The right lawn care services help you strike that balance by expertly caring for your landscaping in Los Angeles. By artfully placing plants and vegetation in key areas, your home’s yard can come to life in more ways than one. To ensure that your yard has that unique balance, you’ll need to have your yard edged on a regular basis. Fortunately, our Los Angeles lawn care service can help you with that. A Greener Tomorrow will explore the importance of edging your yard in our latest blog.

Just What Is Edging?

We’re sure that at some point while walking through your neighborhood or a business area, you’ve seen crisp, clean lines separating the sidewalk from the grass. This effect was achieved with an edger. Edging is achieved by putting a vertical cut in the grass that leaves a distinct separation between features within your landscaping. This clean-cut look is an eye-catching feature that looks great on any lawn. But if it’s done poorly, or done quickly, edging can actually leave your yard looking sloppy. Edging is a careful and important part of your lawn care regimen.

The Importance Of Edging

When you think of a well-cared for lawn, your thoughts likely jump to a thick carpet of green grass, lush flower beds, and tall trees. Whether you realize it or not, edging is likely a part of that mental image. Edging is more noticeable than many give it credit for, and helps create a cohesive appearance for your yard.

Decrease Yard Cleaning Times

Edging might look like a time-consuming process, but in reality, it doesn’t take very long, and it doesn’t need to be done all that often. When our lawn care services team stops by your home in Los Angeles every few months, we’ll edge your yard. Between edgings, you’ll find that it’s easier to clean up your yard, and you’ll spend less time trimming and pruning. The weed whacker will spend more time in the garage, and you won’t have to kneel down and pull out the little shoots of grass that sprout up along the edges of your flower beds.

Edging Creates Root Barriers

Not only does edging create a clear cut between your landscaping features, but it also creates a barrier that roots struggle to cross. This keeps certain species of plants from spreading out across your entire garden, and also helps to keep unwanted vegetation like weeds from spreading.

Edging Creates a More Visually Appealing Garden

In our last blog post, we discussed the importance of landscaping, and how it can improve the value of your home. By keeping your garden edged and clean, you’re adding to that perception of value. While some homeowners might carefully trim back every bush, mow the lawn to the perfect height, and keep stray leaves off their lawn, all that work is all for naught if your yard isn’t also edged. Potential homebuyers will appreciate your attention to detail and the clear lines along your garden beds and landscaping features.

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