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Drought Tolerant Garden Tips

Drought Tolerant Garden Tips, Culver City, CA At A Greener Tomorrow, we have the expertise to transform your garden from a barren, yellow and dismal site to a colorful, blossoming, and appealing space.

For a gardener, everything begins from the ground. If the ground where you grow is good and well treated, no weather will be a problem for you. We believe in laying the foundation right for your plants first and then working on what is above it. Follow these simple guidelines for maintaining the ground during the drought.
  • Make the soil right by amending it. Using compost, peat moss or manure, you can help the soil retain more moisture for the drought.
  • Covering the ground that lies bare, with rocks & boulders is a good idea to prevent cracks from developing on the soil during sunny days.
  • Using the right mulching agents is essential. Organic mulches might be good for holding water but if you plan to plant cacti and succulents, use stones and pebbles instead.

Bring the Drought Tolerant Garden to Life with Plants

A garden is nothing without some vibrant colors and thick foliage. However, we recommend you choose the plants carefully so that they are resistant to droughts that might be frequent to your area. Follow the tips below for better gardening.
  • Start loving grays because that is where the colorful flowering plants resistant to draught can be found. Lavender, miller, santolina, etc. all have a gray base.
  • Cacti might be prickly, but they are your friend who will stand by you through the severest of droughts. We recommend planting the ones that stand winters as well.
  • Succulents are another set of drought resistant plants which bring so many different colors to your garden that you would wish to fill it with them.
  • Grass, tall or short, upright or flaying will always work in your favor during droughts. You may also choose to use synthetic grass in areas of wear and tear like sitting place.

Small Changes That Help Create a Drought Tolerant Garden

It is the little things that matter. Follow these important tips to from our experts to help your garden build resistance to drought.
  • Goes without saying that conserving water is essential. Store some water, utilize rainwater harvesting for those days when there is no cloud cover.
  • Water the plants smartly. Do not use sprinkler systems that use excess water, instead install drip systems that work smartly and keep the plants accustomed to less water.
  • You do not need the garden to be thickly planted to add color. Sparingly planted garden is drought resistant and gives space to add décor and garden art that will impart character.

If you have any queries regarding drought tolerant garden, contact A Greener Tomorrow any time of the week at 310-915-0722. You can also connect with us on Facebook or send an email at

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