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Design & Build Beautiful Yards and Landscaping


Landscape Services, Los Angeles, CA

Landscape Lighting

When done right, landscape lighting can add another dimension to your outdoors and landscaping and hardscaping features. We help you create an oasis of beauty around your home while also addressing practical concerns. From fountain lighting to down lighting to maintenance, we take care of everything. Using the perfect combination of LED, low-voltage lighting, spotlights, and solar panel powered illumination, we create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for you and your loved ones to spend time together after dusk. We design lighting plans that enhance outdoor safety and security while highlighting planting beds, shrubs, walkways, and other features. Whether you want to spend time around the outdoor kitchen or play area or the deck, we can design lighting that perfectly serves your purpose. Read More About Landscape Lighting >>

Landscape Maintenance

A beautiful landscape is well-kept and healthy. Our landscape maintenance services help you create a strong first impression on your guests or visitors. If you care about your lawn and planting beds and the general aura of your landscape, our professional expertise can bring life and substance to your outdoor space. Our specialization lies in keeping both residential and commercial landscapes in their optimal condition. From periodic pruning and shaping to seasonal coloring to fertilization and weed control, we can create custom maintenance plans to address the unique needs of your yard and planting beds. Professional maintenance is a must-have for the longevity and elegance of any landscape. Read More About Landscape Maintenance >>

Landscape Design

Our landscape design process covers all aspects of your garden and lawn. We are driven by the goal to complement your home and encourage outdoor living. The design experience may vary based on the scale and complexity of your landscape project, but our basic steps cover everything including initial consultation, site visit, analysis, measurement, concept plan, and design documentation.

During the initial consultation and site visit, we will take a tour of your landscape and identify the problem areas, needs, and goals. We share ideas on the layout of your new landscape. Once the proposal gets accepted, we will take measurements and gather key information such as plants, sun/shade patterns, and surrounding properties. Part of our services focuses on native plant design to keep your landscape staying fresh most time of the year. From landscape plan to planting plan to hydrozone plan to lighting plan, we cover everything in our designing process. Read More About Landscape Design >>

Sod & Lawn Installation

We meet all your sod and lawn installation needs. Whether it is for your home or business place, we offer sod grass for Culver City and the surrounding areas. No project is too big or too small for us – each one gets our complete attention and dedication. Whether you are looking for quality lawn sod for your home or lay down some sod for new greens for your golf course, you can expect the finest services from us.

We not only offer the best selection of sod but a proven preparation and installation service. The initial walkthrough involves finishing grading and preparing the soil. It can involve creating curves and borders, testing the irrigation, and fixing any damages to heads and lines during the grading process. We use industry-grade machines to prepare your yard before applying fresh sod. All the orders involve fresh cutting from the farm before shipping to the site. The sod pieces are installed tightly against each other. We will clean up the site before making the final walkthrough. Read More About Sod & Lawn Installation >>


We offer comprehensive irrigation services including custom irrigation system installation, maintenance, and repairs. A properly functioning and efficient irrigation system keeps your yard green and healthy. It also reduces water wastage. When you choose us, you are making an investment in your irrigation system. Our irrigation installation solutions include Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Drip Irrigation, Agricultural Irrigation, Residential Sprinkler Systems, and Commercial Sprinkler Systems.

You can expect the following range of irrigation and drainage services from us – irrigation diagnosis, maintenance, drainage solutions, irrigation expansions, system installations, property drainage repairs, and stormwater management. We take all the steps to keep your garden and lawn healthy by using less water.

The perfect lawn irrigation system is unique for each property. We consider the natural contours, landscaping features, and other factors to create a custom irrigation solution. The solution will achieve the desired results while being cost-effective and saving water. Read More About Irrigation >>

Lawn & Garden Care

We have the experience, expertise, and resources to keep your lawn lush. With our services, you can enjoy a green, thick, and weed-free lawn. Our lawn and garden care services can keep your yard and planting beds beautiful. It is easy for you to slip on maintenance. Does your lawn need revitalization? Let us give it a face-lift. From a site visit to evaluating your lawn and planting beds to giving you a quote, we ensure that our garden and lawn care services meet your specific needs.

When you hire our services, you can expect healthy and green grass, a more beautiful and useful yard, lusher and thicker turf, and more effective weed control. Our services also include fertilization to keep your lawn healthy. Our experience and knowledge allow us to choose the right fertilizer for your lawn and plants. We also offer core aeration, overseeding, and weed prevention services. Read More About Lawn & Garden Care >>

Tree Services

Trees are an integral part of almost all landscaping jobs. Quality and regular tree services are crucial for maintaining the right balance in your landscape. We provide expert tree care and removal services including tree pruning and trimming, weather-based, and other emergency services. Our team of experienced arborists can evaluate the structural integrity and health of the trees on your property. We can run soil examinations and growth assessments to determine the right type of fertilization for your trees.

We offer safe, affordable, and timely tree services. No tree job is too big, too small, or too complicated for us. As certified arborists, we can identify stressed trees that show symptoms that need treatment. Tree pruning or trimming services may be required to remove defects or decays, to improve your landscape view, to allow more sunlight, or to keep the surroundings safe. We also provide professional stump removal services to take care of those unsightly and potentially hazardous structures. Read More About Tree Services >>

Drought-Tolerant Gardens

If you want to bring the most out of your gardens, it is important to invest in drought-tolerant plants and measures. With our unique drought-tolerant garden solutions, you will not have to worry about dry spells or prolonged periods with a lack of moisture. Our custom solutions prevent the need for regular upkeep your gardens need to sustain through the dry spells.

Our drought-tolerant landscape solutions allow you to save water and reduce regular maintenance needs without affecting the beauty of your landscape. From proper water-saving irrigation systems and methods to the choice of the right plants, we address many areas to create the perfect landscape design. Read More About Drought-Tolerant Gardens >>

We have over two decades of experience in creating custom gardens in Southern California and we have seen many droughts. We use the right combination of drought-resistant plants, rocks, and masonry to prevent the dry spells from wreaking havoc on your landscape. The right plants will require less moisture to thrive without affecting the greenery and colors in your landscape.

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