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Every Great Lawn Needs Maintenance

A beautiful lawn won’t stay that way for long if there’s no one around to give it the care it needs. At A Greener Tomorrow, we specialize in creating and maintaining gorgeous lawns in Los Angeles County and the surrounding regions.

Lawn & Garden Care, Culver City, CA


As a full-service landscaping company in Los Angeles and Culver City, we’re happy to help you design the yard of your dreams, and then we can go forward with making it happen.

Insect Control

Pests can be the bane of any well-kept yard, and it’s important to hire someone with the proper expertise to deal with them. We’ll take care of your insect problem.


Overseeing all the aspects of your yard, lawn, or garden can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s often useful to have professionals who you can consult with, such as our qualified team at A Greener Tomorrow. We’ll help you identify problems in your landscape design, as well as opportunities to take it to new heights.

A gorgeous lawn can improve your mood and outlook on life. It’s no secret that being in the great outdoors tends to have a positive effect on people, and that’s why you want to hire the best of the best when you’re considering a Los Angeles landscaping company, such as A Greener Tomorrow. An inexperienced or untrained landscaping company often leads to costly substandard results that can do your lawn more harm than good.

At A Greener Tomorrow, our landscaping company is dedicated to creating and maintaining healthy beautiful lawns in Los Angeles County.

We work closely with our clients to develop a long-term lawn care service plan that fits their needs and budget and we never tack on any hidden or extra charges. From insect control to logging, we take every precaution to protect you and your family and only use the safest lawn care products and methods. Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work.

If you’re interested in experiencing the convenience of professional landscaping in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas, or are unhappy with your current lawn care service, trust the experts at A Greener Tomorrow for prompt affordable service you can depend on.

The Benefits Of Professional Lawn Care Services

We don’t fault anyone who wants to take care of their yard and lawn on their own. Gardening, landscaping, and tending to greenery can be immensely rewarding, after all. But many homeowners like having a nice outdoor space without having to do all the work, and there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s exactly why we offer our services here at A Greener Tomorrow. Here are some of the benefits of professional lawn care services:

Beautiful Lawn

A Beautiful Lawn and Garden All Year Round

When you’re tending to your own lawn and garden, there’s an unfortunate downside — it’s only as beautiful as often as you devote your time to it. By calling A Greener Tomorrow for professional lawn care maintenance services, you can ensure that your yard stays beautiful all throughout the year. We will not only prevent your yard and garden from being sullied by weeds and other impediments, but we will actively contribute to its beautification. You’ll love stepping outside for leisure time when we’re maintaining your yard.

It Frees Up Your Time

It Frees Up Your Time

When you call the professionals to take care of your garden, you’re also saving time for yourself. And all working adults can likely agree on one thing: time is a precious commodity. Whether you’re working hard in your profession, trying to maintain a family, maintaining a side hustle, pursuing your hobbies, or all of the above, we can understand why you wouldn’t want to dedicate copious amounts of time to lawncare when it’s not your passion. Call us instead — we’ll make sure everything is beautiful, while you devote your time to those things that are truly important in your life.

Insect Control, CA

Insect Control

While we wouldn’t quite call ourselves a pest control company, we are highly experienced in combatting insect-related threats to California gardens and lawns — of which there are many. California has no shortage of little pests who are all too happy to chew up your leaves, overrun your trees, or eat away at your garden. Who needs ‘em? But to do insect control yourself, you’d have to dedicate endless amounts of time learning about the insects, how to stop them, and buying the right products and treatments. And after all that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have solved the problem. But with decades of experience, you can bet that A Greener Tomorrow will get the job done.

Valuable Consultation

Valuable Consultation

The beautiful thing about hiring professionals for lawn care is that we can often see things that you don’t. It’s the same with any kind of profession; just like mechanics have a sixth sense for diagnosing car problems, we are able to see the untapped potential of any Southern California lawn or garden. Not only can we identify problems that you didn’t know existed (such as troublesome tree diseases), but we can also make expert recommendations on how you could elevate your yard to the next level. Many homeowners have expressed gratitude when we’ve shared our vision with them — sometimes all you need is a professional recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Lawn Care Services Cost?
Unfortunately, we don’t list any firm prices on our website, because every single landscaping job is unique. A mowing job, for example, could take five minutes or five hours depending on the size of the lawn. Every service has different costs, and that’s why we offer FREE in-person consultations. When you contact us, we’ll arrange a time to meet up, and then we’ll assess your lawn and provide a custom quote with no hidden costs.
Do I Need to Be At Home During the Lawn Care Service?
At A Greener Tomorrow, we work with every single client to ensure that our service is tailored according to your specific needs. In other words, you don’t have to be home during our services if you don’t want to! But on the other hand, if you’d rather schedule a time and date that allows you to be present, that’s also perfectly fine. We won’t perform any services without advance agreement, so there’s no need to worry about us coming over without any notice and making changes to your yard at a time that you didn’t expect.
Can You Take Care of the Weed Problem In My Yard?
As lawn and garden care experts, we are experienced in just about every type of lawn care service, and that includes ridding your yard of weeds. Weeds, of course, are exceedingly difficult to deal with and we have different treatment options depending on the severity of the problem and the types of weeds that are growing. Because every single job is different, the best thing to do is to contact us today and schedule a free consultation. We’ll drop by your home, assess your lawn, and give you an estimate for the most effective and cost-efficient weed removal plan.
What Is the Best Season for Lawn Care Services?
Consider yourself lucky to live in Southern California, because around here, there’s not really one season that’s truly bad for landscaping and lawn care. Anyone in California knows that the sun shines year-round, and we never have to deal with freezing seasons. That being said, summers are hotter, and winters are a little chillier, and some services are affected by that. Every service we offer is different. Pest problems, for example, should be taken care of immediately regardless of season because they will only multiply as time goes on. Lawn mowing and trimming should happen on a regular basis, no matter which season it is, and a job like seeding is best done in the fall. The best thing to do is to contact us personally, let us know which services you want, and we’ll let you know if it’s the wrong season.
I’ve Planned Out the Yard of My Dreams. Can You Make it Happen?
Yes we can! As a full-service landscaping company, we can do, well, pretty much everything that you would want for your dream yard. Obviously there are certain things that fall outside of our range of service, such as building and installing a swimming pool, but for everything that’s landscaping-related, you can bet that we’re the team to call. We not only help people to realize their dream landscaping plans, but we can also provide landscaping design services. In other words, if you know you want a better yard but you have no idea what your vision is, we can lend our expertise to come up with an amazing design for you. We won’t stop until we’ve arrived at something you love!
How Long Have You Been In Business?
A Greener Tomorrow goes all the way back to 2006, but in reality, our roots go much deeper than that. In fact, A Greener Tomorrow was created by two people who have been in the landscaping industry for over 40 years! Our founders, Carmen and Luis, both grew up in gardening families. It was actually the love of landscaping that brought them together — they met in a nursery, got married, and eventually went on to form A Greener Tomorrow. Carmen and Luis still actively run the company today, and they represent over 25 years of combined experience. With decades of landscaping experience, they hold A Greener Tomorrow to an exceedingly high standard, and only hire team members who can meet those expectations. With experience working for A-list celebrities, multiple franchises, and countless schools/homes in the greater LA area, there’s no better landscaping company to call than A Greener Tomorrow.
What Areas Do You Service?
We keep most of our business in the LA area, but obviously, that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Southern California, after all, is endlessly connected, and there are many different interpretations of what “Los Angeles” means depending on who you ask. We don’t like to put strict boundaries on our service area, because the reality is that everyone needs lawn care work, and we want to serve as many people as we can. We service as many areas as possible, so whether you’re in Los Angeles, Glendale, Monterey Park, Pasadena, Hollywood, Inglewood, or any other of the many surrounding areas, don’t be afraid to give us a call. In a worst-case scenario where you’re too far away, we’ll kindly let you know.

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