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How to Maintain Sod & Lawns

Maintain Sod & Lawns, Culver City, CA At A Greener Tomorrow, our team has the experience and expertise to manage and maintain your lawn to keep it lush and healthy. Our crew is dedicated to excellence and committed to providing immaculate customer service. We provide landscape maintenance services throughout greater Culver City, Playa Vista, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, and the surrounding regions of California.

Basics of Lawn Maintenance

Proper watering forms the base of having a healthy lawn. Frequently done, light irrigation works well, as compared to flooding the lawn with a lot of water at longer intervals. If you have sod laid in your lawn, you must water it well, as a light application will evaporate off the blades before it gets absorbed. The sod starts showing signs like wilting when it needs water. Watch out for these signs so that you are not too late before you act. Installing a sprinkler can help you save copious amount of water and lot of efforts.

Proper fertilization is another important aspect to maintaining your sod and lawn. You must test your soil often, ideally every spring and follow the recommendations of our experts. We use good quality slow-release fertilizer which spreads evenly and gives the best results.

Weed Control Is Important for Lawn Maintenance

Weed is the most ferocious enemy of a healthy lawn. It grows indiscriminately and if you don't pay attention, there will come a time when the weed overpowers your sod and start causing damage to it. With profuse weed growth, the soil becomes infertile, and the grass becomes coarse. Our team ensures that all weed is removed from the root, so that it doesn't regrow.

Lawn Maintenance by Trusted Experts

There are so many factors that determine the health of a lawn, that it is best left in the hands of experts who understand the nuances. Our team specializes in aeration, fertilization, weed control, pest management and installation of irrigation systems. Therefore, with us you can rest assure that your lawns are in safe and reliable hands. We have the best professional grade equipment and the products that we use are of top-notch quality. This professionalism and expertise has helped us build a huge clientele over the years who trust us and bank upon us for maintaining their sod and keeping their lawns lush. You can opt for a regular maintenance plan with us, and our team will periodically visit you and carry out the necessary activities.

If you want a professional team to take care of your lawn maintenance needs, you need not look any further, A Green Tomorrow crew is here to help. Give us a call on 310-915-0722 or write to us at

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