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Top 5 Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape Design Ideas, Culver City, CA There is no doubt that we are all spending a lot more time at home and in our own backyards during the pandemic. We understand that our clients would like to create a special space in their homes to be able to enjoy, relax and to entertain without having to go anywhere. A well-groomed and beautifully curated space to spend time under the sky, whether it is for a party in the backyard, a starlight soiree, or any other occasion, is universally appealing. However, there are trends and then there are principles to follow when it comes to creating a perfect outdoor space, something that we at A Greener Tomorrow, the top-rated landscape design expert, can help you out with.

The Best Landscape Design Ideas For 2021

The glass globe and concrete fountain you saw in affluent neighborhoods in the past are not a desired design element today. Below are top 5 trending ideas you can opt for:
  • Intricate designs – Complex water features, geometric patterns, concrete, and stone elements creating chevron, basket weave& lattice are most desired and look appealing.
  • Minimalism – This has taken over the world. Simple yet functional design like native plants, heat lamps, protective structures for spending time year-round should be looked into.
  • Personalized spaces – A place to grow food is the one most sought after feature to reduce your carbon footprint. Support native food practices through this design element.
  • Blue – The blues were never as friendly as today. From cobalt to royal, from sea to sky blue, use these shades profusely.
  • One click irrigation – With everything going smart, extend your smart house features into your garden/backyard.

DIY Landscape Design Versus Professional Designs

There could be hundreds of reasons for you to re-do your garden or backyard however keep in mind these pointers before you go the DIY route:
  • Unless you know the end-to-end of hardscaping, landscaping, water features, etc. internet videos will not be enough to get the job done
  • If saving money is the only motivation behind your DIY approach, it is not a reason at all.
  • Expert landscapers have years of experience as compared to you and know what features are suited for which setting.
  • Unless you wish to invest on full set of expensive tools required, do not start with DIY approach.

We Cater To All Your Landscape Design Woes

Are you thinking about hardscaping the backyard or the patio? Do you wish to install new plants and trees or re-arrange the existing ones to change the style of your garden? Are you looking for irrigation systems for your backyard and front lawn? Whether it is a new installation or landscape maintenance services; at A Greener Tomorrow we will be happy to build for you the highly personalized and unique landscape design for your outdoors that you have always dreamt of. Just give us a call on 310-915-0722 or email us at and our team of experts will be most delighted to help you.

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