Anyone who lives in Southern California is all too aware of the droughts we frequently experience. Indeed, dry spells are common, and when there is a sudden, prolonged lack of moisture, many a California garden starts to suffer. If you’re tired of the upkeep and resources that are required to sustain your yard through these periods, it’s time to consider drought resistant landscape design!

What Makes a Landscape Design Drought Resistant?

Drought Resistant Plants: The best way to beat a lack of moisture is to choose plants that don’t require much moisture at all. Many plants laugh in the face of a drought, being able to sustain themselves for months and years on very minimal water. And we’re not just talking about cactuses — you’d be surprised to see how much variety there is in drought-resistant plants!

Creative Use of Rocks and Masonry: Another good way to resist droughts is to fill your yard with rocks and masonry in creative ways. The less greenery you have, the less affected you’ll be in a dry spell. This doesn’t have to look dull! We’ll show you countless ways that rocks and masonry can be beautifully arranged to create a dynamic and functional landscape design.

Functionality: One way to make for a more drought resistant landscape is to put emphasis on functionality — in other words, making your space useful for practical purposes. Tables, firepits, and grilling areas can effectively use up a lot of space while still leaving your yard looking gorgeous.

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