In most landscaping jobs, trees are a foundational aspect of the overall design. Trees can make or break a yard — too many trees with unruly growth can make it a convoluted mess, while having few or none at all can make it feel too barren. Quality tree services are essential if you want to strike the perfect balance in your landscape design.

As a landscape company serving the Los Angeles and Culver City areas, we’d be happy to help with any tree-related needs you have. We also offer a variety of other landscaping services if it’s not just trees you need help with. Ready for a free estimate? Contact us today using the form below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need to Remove a Tree?

There are several reasons why you might want to remove a tree:

  • Make Way for New Landscaping: As one of LA’s leading landscaping companies, this is one of the reasons we run into the most — sometimes you just have to clear out the old to make way for the new. It’s as simple as that.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Sometimes, trees come down because they’re blocking an otherwise good view, or distracting from the overall look of the yard. There’s nothing wrong with cutting down a tree simply because your yard would look better without it. In fact, doing just that might even increase your curb appeal!
  • Safety: Some trees, especially when they’re damaged or dying, can be safety hazards. Dead branches can fall on unsuspecting victims below, and the entire tree can topple over if the structural integrity is weak. If you’re unsure which trees of yours are safe, contact us today — we can help.
  • Resources: Though not the most common reason for removal, a felled tree can yield enormous amounts of wood, sticks, and leaves for crafting.

What Trees Would Be Best For My Yard?

Because you live in bountiful California, this is a pretty big question. Southern California’s climate can support countless different types of trees in all shapes and sizes, so it’s understandable if you feel a bit overwhelmed. If you’re looking to plant some new trees, we provide consultation services where we can take a look at your yard and make professional recommendations.

Can You Help My Current Trees Grow Better?

Like we mentioned in the question above, the climate of Southern California is ripe for an abounding amount of different plants and trees. But, that doesn’t mean that they’ll all just grow perfectly without any kind of maintenance. If you have an orange tree, a palm tree, and a pine tree side by side, you can bet that they will all have different needs. We can advise you on how to care for them to achieve maximum growth, and we can even create custom, automated irrigation systems.

How Do You Remove Stumps?

The most reliable way to remove a difficult tree stump is to grind it away with a stump grinder. Stump grinding is effective, fast, and affordable. Do you have an ugly old stump that’s doing nothing but causing problems? We’d be happy to get rid of it for you.

Can I Remove Trees and Stumps By Myself?

We don’t recommend it, and depending on your municipality, removing your own trees or stumps might not even be legal. Felling a tree is a dangerous task, and it doesn’t often go how you planned if you don’t have the experience to know where and how it’s going to fall. It’s irresponsible to cut down trees without professional training, especially if you’re in a situation where the falling tree could damage someone else or their property. Calling a tree service is the safest bet.